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July 11 2021 Poster

Sunday July 11th
Camp Alumni Speakers Series


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  • Our Camp Alumni Guest Speakers

    Dr. Michelle Miller-Adams

    Michelle is a Senior Researcher at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and Professor at Grand Valley State University. Michelle's work at Upjohn focuses on the local, state, and national movement toward tuition-free college. Michelle is the author of The Path to Free College: In Pursuit of Access, Equity, and Prosperity (Harvard Education Press, 2021), Promise Nation: Transforming Communities through Place-Based Scholarships (Upjohn Institute, 2015), The Power of a Promise: Education and Economic Renewal in Kalamazoo (Upjohn Institute, 2009), and Owning Up: Poverty, Assets and the American Dream (Brookings Institution Press, 2002). One of the nation’s leading experts on the Kalamazoo Promise and the free-college movement, she speaks with local and national media and advises state policymakers and community stakeholders on their tuition-free college initiatives.

    Michelle and Shereen Old Photos

    Michelle is co-director of the Institute's place-based research initiative that explores how communities facing economic challenges can create broadly shared prosperity for their residents. In this role, she is co-author of the initiative’s reports, Building Shared Prosperity: How Communities Can Create Good Jobs for All (2019) and Investing in Community: A Playbook for Connecting Economic and Skills Development (2020).

    After Camp Swig, Michelle earned a BA in History at U.C.S.B., and both a Master of International Affairs and a Ph.D. in Political Science at Columbia University.

    Attorney Shereen Arent

    Shereen founded Sambhali U.S. in 2019 and serves as president. Sambhali U.S. supports the work of Sambhali Trust, an Indian-led grassroots organization working with with the women and girls of Rajasthan, India who seek to raise their voices with dignity and self-confidence, build a road to economic independence, and ultimately determine their own destinies. Shereen is also currently a mentor and member of the National Grant Selection Committee for Together Women Rise supporting grassroots organizations empowering women and girls in developing countries.

    Formerly, as Chief Advocacy Officer of the American Diabetes Association, Shereen focused on developing public policies to prevent diabetes; increasing funding for diabetes research and programs; improving access to quality health care; and eliminating discrimination against people with diabetes in employment, education, correctional institutions, and places of public accommodation. Prior to that, Shereen established the first Equal Employment Opportunity Office for an agency of Congress and was a partner at two public interest law firms. In private practice, Shereen focused on union-side labor law and employment discrimination litigation. Shereen also served as law clerk to Hon. Phyllis A. Kravitch, United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

    After Camp Swig, Shereen graduated Stanford University with a BA in American Studies and then Harvard Law School where she earned her JD and later became a Wasserstein Public Interest Fellow at Harvard Law School.

    "Throughout my life I’ve said the two things that had the greatest impact on not just what I did with my life,
    but how I did it, were Camp Swig and the year I spent as a community organizer between college and law school.
    " - Shereen Arent

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    Dr. Michelle Miller-Adams,

    Shereen Arent

    "...If not now, when?"

    Lo Alecha Haml'cha Ligmor

    Legacy of Tikkun: Camp Alumni Speakers Series

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